I want to hear from you!

It seems like a lot of folks run for office and spend most of their time talking about themselves. As a two-term mayor, I learned really quickly that listening to YOU is what is most important.

This survey will help me understand exactly what folks in our community want me to fight for (and against), so any help you can give in distributing this survey to your friends and neighbors would be helpful.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

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It's time for a Texas doctor in Congress who has the life experience and problem solving skills to address these unprecedented times that we live in.

Recently, I’ve shared my medical advice on safely cleaning your masks, the rare but serious symptoms of COVID-19 in children, and why you should not ingest, inject or consume bleach.

I think you’ll agree—the need for a Texas physician in Congress has never been more dire. Help elect a Texas doctor to the House.