Why I'm Running

Texas' 5th Congressional District may have a scenic divide of rural vs. suburban, but the issues that matter to people here—they unite us all.

Please read about my priorities, then tell me what issues matter most to you. Whether it’s criminal justice reform, environmental protections, or gerrymandering, I want to hear from you. As a two-term mayor, I learned quickly that listening to you is what's most important.

Affordable and Accessible Healthcare

No Texan should have Social Security, Medicaid or Medicare cut to fund tax breaks for millionaires and billionaires. We deserve patient-centered care, not profit-centered.

  • Put patients, not profit, at the center of the system and disease management to doctors
  • Access to quality healthcare that is responsive and cost transparent
  • Reduce prescription drug costs
  • Transform healthcare and the payment system—all ideas on the table
  • Quickly reform current insurance models and allow new alternatives to lower overall cost
  • Ensure that no American is financially ruined by medical costs
  • Keep protection from pre-existing coverage discrimination
  • Expand Medicaid in Texas to save lives, and billions of our own tax dollars (a decision for Texas Governor Abbott and Texas Legislature)

Supporting Rural Communities

Rural Texans are underserved in health care, quality jobs, and economic opportunity. Indifference and neglect end, with a proven problem-solving representative.

  • Robust (>100mbps) internet and adequate cell service. Everything depends on this!
  • Promote policies to expand economic growth in small towns and rural areas
  • Provide the tools needed so that small towns have access to resources to grow
  • Ensure that all businesses are paying their share, not disproportionately taxing small business
  • Local citizens assisted first in opening or expanding businesses
  • Fair wages and benefits for workers build economically strong communities
  • Expand, not cut, federal funding for rural infrastructure improvements

Information for all

Before the COVID-19 crisis, we knew internet access was a necessity, not a luxury. Thanks to politicians who skimp on infrastructure, without dependable broadband, safe and effective Telehealth and successful home-based schooling is impossible.

  • Affordable access to broadband and cell service (worth repeating!)
  • Affordable education and training for all ages
  • Support public education and pay educators fair wages and retirement

Safe affordable housing

Quality, affordable, and equal opportunity housing strengthens families and revitalizes our communities.

  • Enact policies that promote historic, architectural and cultural heritage so rural communities retain their character and charm
  • Ensure that our communities are safe
  • Promote sustainable healthy housing amenable to aging in place
  • Create housing policies at the local level, staying true to our community heritage and culture

Energy and environment

The climate crisis does not make the same headlines as the global pandemic we are learning about and fighting, but it is a crisis, it is real, and we have the power to heal our people and heal the planet. Texas Democrats believe we should cherish our environment, and preserve, protect, and defend it. As the world’s leader in energy technology and innovation for the past century, Texas can become the world leader in clean energy and environmental consciousness.

  • Ensure Texas leads the global clean-energy revolution
  • Enforce stringent regulations on oil and gas operations
  • Maintain clean and available water for all Texans
  • Sustainable agriculture for clean food, air, water, and soil
  • Promote environmental protection, regulation, and enforcement
  • Preserve Texas’ wildlife, parks, and open spaces
  • Improve recycling and waste reduction

Show your support

It's time for a Texas doctor in Congress who has the life experience and problem solving skills to address these unprecedented times that we live in.

Recently, I’ve shared my medical advice on safely cleaning your masks, the rare but serious symptoms of COVID-19 in children, and why you should not ingest, inject or consume bleach.

I think you’ll agree—the need for a Texas physician in Congress has never been more dire. Help elect a Texas doctor to the House.