Supporting rural communities

  • Promote economic growth in small towns and rural areas.
  • Provide the tools needed so that small towns have access to resources to grow.
  • Ensure that all businesses are paying their share, not disproportionately taxing small business
  • Local citizens assisted first in opening or expanding businesses
  • Fair wages and benefits for workers build economically strong communities
  • Expand, not cut, federal funding for rural infrastructure improvements


Affordable and accessible healthcare

  • Access to quality healthcare that is responsive and cost transparent
  • Continue but reform current insurance models and allow new alternatives to lower overall cost
  • Ensure that no American is financially ruined by medical costs
  • Reduce prescription drug costs for generics and allow out of country importation
  • Keep protection from pre-existing coverage discrimination


Information for all

  • Reliable robust broadband internet access for all 
  • Affordable access to broadband and cell service
  • Affordable education and training for all ages
  • Support public education and pay educators fair wages and retirement


Safe affordable housing

  • Ensure that our communities are safe
  • Promote sustainable healthy housing amenable to aging in place
  • Create housing policies at the local level, staying true to our community heritage and culture