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Texas' 5th District

Texas's 5th congressional district of the United States House of Representatives is in an area that includes a northeast portion of the City of Dallas, Dallas County including Mesquite plus a number of smaller counties south and east of Dallas including Anderson, Cherokee, Henderson, Van Zandt, and Kaufman counties.

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Median Income



47% White

15.5% Black

2.1% Asian

27.7% Hispanic

0.35% Native American

7.4% other

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It's time for a Texas doctor in Congress who has the life experience and problem solving skills to address these unprecedented times that we live in.

Recently, I’ve shared my medical advice on safely cleaning your masks, the rare but serious symptoms of COVID-19 in children, and why you should not ingest, inject or consume bleach.

I think you’ll agree—the need for a Texas physician in Congress has never been more dire. Help elect a Texas doctor to the House.